About Me


Hi there, wanderer of the interwebs!  If you’ve happened across my blog, then you obviously have nothing better to do, so kick off your shoes and stay a while.  I’m just a kid with a love for gaming and a knack for coding.  I have another blog, which I’m currently refurbishing.  You can visit it here!

On String Theory


When it comes to string theory, I like to think of the universe as a violin that makes different types of matter by playing different notes.  It’s a crude metaphor, but I like it.  I’m simply a measure in the endless symphony of the universe.  Yeah.



On Sunrises


Today, I did one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do.

I sat outside and watched the sun rise and listened to the birds sing.

It was my sunrise.

And it was just me.

Me and the cosmos.

A Streamside Walk


Pay no attention to that cyber-cobweb in the top corner, it’s probably nothing.

I was cramming in work on a poetry project for Language Arts, and I ended up with this eldritch abomination of a poem:

I walk streamside thinking thoughts, deep, of life

Thinking, mayhap, of worlds from dreams, at peace

If humans set their interests off aside

Our near future ages may well be bright

Somehow, we may create a grander world


A world in which joy and freedom are rife

And suff’ring and pain are truly to cease


Ever-gorgeous world where banned is strife

And childhoods are given, from war, release


And we shan’t have to worry or fear, because our hopes,

Because our dreams came true!  Because our dreams came true!

Humanity is off quite slippery slopes

Free to with knowledge the future imbue


Culture is out of Death’s ever-cruel scope

Our morals no longer are askew

And life, knowledge, the truth, and all are free

As with our long-suppressed and great glee

And war is but a thing of the far past


I walk streamside thinking thoughts, deep, of life

Thinking, mayhap, of worlds from dreams, at peace



So yeah.  That happened.  Also, I’ll give you an eggplant if you figure out what three meters I used are.



On Giving Thanks


While I may be a few days late, I decided to do a cliche list of “Things I’m thankful for”.

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. WordPress
  4. My lack of creativity in making lists
  5. You!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!